Apple Maps giving erroneous results in rural Canada


An Apple user in Canada, Paul, discovered that Apple maps are mislabelling certain locations in rural parts of Canada. Paul reported the erroneous result and has gained a lot of attention.

According to Paul, specific locations on the map are being addressed by their electoral names rather than the common names that they are known by locally. This has led to little confusions for the local people as not being able to identify what’s wrong with the locations name.

He asserted that locations are spelled as, “Cumberland, Subd. B” instead of its local name Cumberland County and “Sunshine Coast F” instead of Sunshine Coast. These are the name of the locations that appear on the electoral map of the area.

The major issue here is the fact this erroneous result gets carried up to all those applications which are using Apple maps or are Apple Maps dependent for locations. Not only the name will be same all over the applications, the users will be wondering if they got the place right.

Apple maps error 2

There will be delusions while navigating to those people. Users might neglect the place or consider the map giving wrong results because of the few additional letters in the name. Many apps like weather and geotagging of photos will further spread the error which use Apple Maps to function properly.

Apple Maps have been the epicenter of error ever since its inception back in 2012. Initially, Apple Maps backfired so bad on the Tech giant that it cost certain employees their job. The apple maps were disastrous in the beginning, misleading people to places they would’ve never planned on going to.

However, Apple has come a long way from their “dark past”. Apple maps, compared to its history, has been giving accurate results and working flawlessly. Maps are a pretty large section to manage with and little error here and there can be neglected.

Apple also has been planning to use drones to collect data for Apple Maps with tests going on currently. Apple had applied for government permission to test drone usage beyond current FAA limits. Capturing of the aerial footage with drones would have an easier time identifying inconsistencies and redundancies in Apple Maps.

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