Apple maybe entering healthcare industry with Medical Records


Apple is thinking of becoming your new doctor. Apple has a phenomenal track record when it comes to retail  and has almost 500 retail stores around the world. So with the customer service it has now, health care could be the perfect market. Health care is spent on by people around the globe in the tune of millions. 69 million workers report sick every year which results in a a reduction of  economic output by around $260 billion. With Apple Care, you can enter your medical history on your phone and a doctor at the Apple store can send you home with an App or even a device. For example the Apple watch is able to sense when someone needs help if he is suffering from a cardiac problem. Instead of reporting back after a certain period of time, another visit will only be necessary if the problem persists.

Apple could also use getting into the healthcare market to track the way their products function in terms of health and then work upon components that are lacking, giving the consumer not only good health services but also improving the over all Apple experience. Apple is launching two new health care centers at the moment, one of which will be on their new campus. These centers will be available to Apple employees and their family members.

Hiring posts that are up for grabs indicate that Apple is looking for people that can actually do health care plans and lifestyle plans for their employees. Apple is going beyond pills and health check ups. Even with the Apple watch, the device cane be used to see if you are at risk for atrial fibrillation. Apple is trying to follow the ‘prevention is better than cure’ method by actually giving you indications something is wrong before something is. Tim Cook even stated that the Apple watch may be able to track blood glucose levels. Tracking your glucose levels, you could go into a center and form a comprehensive plan to lower these levels if necessary.

Apple is combing it’s devices with healthcare, making both dependent on each other. So with an Apple device, also comes Apple healthcare. This can lead to a switch over from maybe a Samsung user. It could be made available to only Apple users, which is an intuitive plan for Apple to spike it’s revenue through healthcare.

People wearing wearables to track their health is a huge growing market which is expected to climb to $117 billion by 2020. Health records available to you from the device closest to you may be a much awaited future. This will be a huge change to the digital health industry because these records can then be shared across the spectrum of healthcare. With a current report saying that there will be a shortage of a 100,000 doctors by 2030, digital healthcare could be exactly what we need.

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