Apple Music touches 50 million active users milestone, confirms Tim Cook


In an interview with Bloomberg’s “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations” television show, Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Music now has a total of 50 million subscribers. In the wide-ranging interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook divulged Apple Music subscriber numbers. The 50 million number is made up of users who have booked a paid subscription and users who use the free 3-month trial period.

Nearly five weeks ago, Apple announced that Apple Music had 48 million users (40 million subscribers and 8 million free trial users). It is interesting to notice that in the last five weeks two million active users have been added. Apple Music continues to be the second largest music streaming service. As of March 31st, Spotify had 75 million subscribers and a total of 170 million active users.

If the similar trend is continued and the users show similar huge interest towards Apple Music it will have about 60 million paid subscribers before the holiday season.

Their main competitor, Spotify had announced earlier in May that it has 75 million premium subscribers. Assuming Spotify also maintains its consistent growth of subscribers, it will have about 90 million paid subscribers by the start of the holiday season. However, these numbers aren’t bad at all given the fact that Spotify had an eight-year head start over Apple Music.

Tim Cook also put forward company’s interest in the field of video content. He said that a strong push into television and movies is underway. He is quoted as follows, “We are very interested in video content. We will do it in a way that fits our brand. At the current time, no further details can be announced. Without ifs and buts, it is an exciting topic.”

Apple’s push in creating video content is no big surprise. It was earlier reported that Apple was investing about $1 billion in producing original TV shows. It’s a budget Apple plans on increasing. Their prime competitor Netflix, however, plans on spending as much as $8 billion dollars in creating original video content.

More importantly, Apple is not aiming for numbers. According to the SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, the plan is to not go for quantity but quality. One of the few shows Apple plans on producing include, a revival of television’s sci-fi anthology series “Amazing Stories,” and a drama show starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

While there’s still no specific date, rumours have suggested that Apple plans on rolling out the service by March 2019. However, some of the shows are said to be releasing a lot earlier which were created as the part of Apple’s funding in 2018.

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