Apple Music app upgraded with new feature to highlight your friend’s favourite song


Apple Music is rolling out an all-new playlist called ‘Friend’s mix’. It will contain the recently played songs by your friends. Which will be available only to a limited number of subscribers today. In order to keep track of the songs, which your friends were listening, the playlist will be updated every Monday, will include 25 new tracks after every update, similar to the working of other Apple Music Playlists.

Apple has taken this move in response to the criticism about not providing fresh weekly playlists, compared to its rival Spotify, which provides playlists like Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and Your Daily Car mix, which are regularly updated. Whereas Apple Music provides some playlists namely, Favourites, New Music and Chill mixes which are updated every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday respectively.

With iOS 11 Apple has simplified its social features in Apple Music. Now the user can simply follow his friends and the user’s friend can also follow the user. Listening history is automatically shared and music from your friends can be exhibited as your recommendation in the Friends are listening to section.

Like other playlists ‘Friends mix’ will be found atop the ‘For You’ tab in Apple Music. It is still not clear as to which iOS version this special playlist feature is available. Adding this playlist makes the Apple Music app ore social, encourages users to link up with their friends.

A key feature of MAC, Windows versions of Spotify is the ‘Friends activity’ feed which displays the songs which are being listened to by the user’s friends. Thi improves discovery and allows the user to play the same track at the same time.

Presently, Apple Music isn’t expected to get many changes in the fall’s iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. Though Apple may overturn their decision. However, it’s still unclear how Apple will pull the songs and whether its algorithm will modify the weekly playlist based on the users listening behavior.

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