Apple News Inking Deals With Publishers for Exclusive Video Content


It competes with news distribution outlets on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. BuzzFeed News began the first three episodes of Future History: 1968 solely on Apple News. After that one week later it outspread them to Facebook Watch, YouTube, Twitter, and the BuzzFeed app. BuzzFeed intercept audience development Roxanne Emadi says Apple paid the publisher for first-window rights. The show’s first three episodes and cut BuzzFeed a share of the ad earnings.

The show focuses on major events that happened in 1968. Episodes are mostly designed in a vertical direction to fit on iPhone screens without having to transition into landscape mode. And the shortest one runs at just over eight minutes.

Apple is also working on the beefing up Apple News recently. It is also suggesting that company will announce a subscription-based plan into Apple News within the next year. The company is looking for improving its high quality. Also looking for lengthier video series on the platform. Apple presumably idea allow publishers to use the ad tech they already employ on their sites. They use such as Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers, to deliver third-party ads in the Apple News.

Apple can take it to rise can take more traffic to their articles via starting in February.

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