Apple now provides 50Gb iCloud storage free for first month


Apple is promoting free one-month trials of upgraded iCloud storage plans to users who are not presently paying for a subscription and also to those who have reached their 5GB limit.

It is Apple’s new scheme which is limited to unpaid subscribers. And the advertised trial is not showing up for current subscribers. When the users strive to perform an iOS device backup, a message arrives forwarding the step-up 50GB plan.

If users do not have sufficient space in iCloud to back up their iPhone. A 50 GB plan gives a plenty of space to proceed backing up iPhone. The first month is free and it’s just $0.99 each month after.

Hitting the big blue button says Get 50 GB Free For 1 Month operates to Change Storage Plan below iCloud settings. Apple provides free-to-try options applied to each of Apple’s upgrade tiers. Varying from the 50GB for $0.99 per month to 2TB tier for $9.99 per month.

Apple Music and some other Apple subscription services have the selected storage plan which automatically renews at its monthly fee once the trial period ends. Users can at any time choose to terminate its services to evade the charges.

The premium plan pricing and functions of The 5GB tier have been improved over the years. Apple’s regular free services are been offering since its introduction in 2014.

Recently, the company presented family sharing for users who have subscribed to the 200GB and 2TB tiers. In March it extended to free storage for schools to 200GB.

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