Apple to offer monthly AppleCare plans


Apple is set to offer a new revamped AppleCare policy, complimenting the release of its new iPhones. The tech giant recently launched a new AppleCare device protection plan, which covers theft and loss as well.

Screen repairing and replacement alone costs half the price of your iPhone. This plan will allow the users to safeguard their devices from such expensive services.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

For the new variants of the iPhones, the AppleCare plan would cost around $300 for a coverage period of 2 months. This plan would cover accidental damages to the device, loss of device and theft. It also gives coverage in the rare cases when the device turns out defective.

The cost of the plan is at $100 increment than Apple’s extended warranty plan. For these top models, the deductible is $269, which competes with the plans provided by network carriers.

Theft and loss protection plan details

Apple in 2010 introduced a revolutionary app, which helped people trace their lost iPhones and devices: Find My iPhone.

For the selected AppleCare plan to work, the only pre-requisite is that Find My iPhone app is switched on at the time the phone is lost or stolen.

“With Find My iPhone enabled, we can help you put it into lost mode, wipe the device, deactivate it and immediately get you back on your way with an Apple genuine replacement device,”

Apple works with law enforcement and engages with them in order to find your device.

AppleCare plans for older models of iPhones are more complex, $70-$100 more than the regular plans. Regular plans only cover damage and not loss or theft

 Monthly plans

Many people prefer financing their deals instead of paying such a hefty amount altogether. For $10 a month, Apple users can get a regular AppleCare plan. Users will have to pay $14.99 to get the lost and theft featured plan.

AppleCare can be bought within 60 days of making the device purchase.

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