Apple Owned Beddit to shut down cloud serives on Nov. 15


This Friday a update of app, Sleep Tracker maker Beddit has announced that Beddit Cloud Services will come to a halt for all users as of Nov. 15.

New users will be unable to use the clouds as of today’s update, the company added in the release notes. No other changes were listed. In a separate e-mail, the company noted that locally stored historic data will continue to be available as long as it’s downloaded by nov. 14.

Apple’s exact plans for the company, its technology and it’s staff have remained a mystery, beyond of course it involving some form of sleep tracking.

Speculation has traditionally held that apple wants to implement sleep functions on the Apple Watch. The technology is already common on many other fitness trackers, such as those as Garmin and FitBit.

Beddit’s last product, the Beddit 3, was able to gauge factors like heart rate, respiration and room temperature to analyze sleep quality. Apple still carries the product for $149.95.

It is unclear why sleep tracking is absent from the Watch Outside of third party apps. The issue maybe the battery life- every watch had has less than 24 hours of rated power typically leading people to charge overnight.

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