Apple to participate in pilot program allowing expanded operation of drones


Apple has requested to engage in a pilot program which allows the company to administer drones. That is usually curbed by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States.

Apple to use drone services for bettering its Apple maps services. According to some reports, U.S. Department of Transportation will declare 10 winning state or local government bodies for insertion in the program today. Each of them has partnered with organisations who will play a part in the tests. 200 companies are said to be competing to be member of the program.

The start by the U.S. government last year which will allow for a larger scale of testing. Including flying drones at night and beyond an operator’s line of vision in the United States.

The winners that perform to have been determined were selected. It is said to also involve companies that intend to test drones for delivering packages, environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, pipeline oversight, and for various uses at airports. But it’s unsure about Apple’s purposes will be if selected.

Apple has planned to use drones to improve Apple Maps and other services involving that. The company itself does not sell any drones until now. Taking aside from those made by other companies like DJI and Propel. You can check for the list of best drone cameras 2018.

Some reports have also said that 10 government companies are going to conduct the flight testing. Also including North  Carolina’s Department of Transportation.  Apple will apparently be a partner in North Carolina’s program and thinking of using drones to seize aerial images to improve Apple Maps services.

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