Apple Pay Beats Google Pay and Samsung Pay Among Millennials and GenZ users, Survey Says


Every Year, more millennials are opting for mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay when making purchases online and in-stores.

A new survey has found that Apple pay beats Google pay and Samsung pay among millennials.

Apple Pay Beats Google pay and Samsung pay: Dealspotr, a crowd sourcing platform for deal sharing, 1,000 millennials and GenZ respondents to get some feedback. The respondent group was comprised of 500 millennials and 500 GenZ users.

They were asked which mobile payment system do they use the most, whether it was Apple pay, Google pay or Samsung Pay while shopping online or in-stores.

While shopping in stores, at least 11% of millennials and 10% GenZ users prefers to use Apple pay, to purchase items in the checkout line. Making Apple pay more popular than Android pay and Samsung pay, with 4 and 2 percent preference rates, respectively.

When it comes to shopping online, 15.1 percent of millennials and 14.6 percent of GenZ respondents ended up using apple pay. While 8.6 percent of millennials and 9.1 percent of GenZ respondents used Google Play.

Michael Quoc, the founder and CEO of Dealspotr, was shocked by the result as most websites don’t support Apple Pay.

“iOS users tend to have higher income, and are better educated than Android Users, so they may tend to be more attuned to new features and capabilities available on their phones”, said Quoc

Apple also manages to create more of a user friendly experience by getting users acquainted with their security systems such as Face ID and Touch ID. “Once users have onboarded to their phone’s biometric systems, they are more likely to adopt a payment services attached to their phone’s security,” said Quoc.

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