Apple Pay might launch on October 20th with iOS 8.1

Apple Pay is reportedly launching on October 20th with iOS 8.1 update. Read inside for more information on the same.


So, there is yet another good news from the house of Apple. All those, waiting for Apple pay might not wait for too long as Apple is planning to launch the alternative to your wallet on October 20th.

Apple Pay

If the sources are to be believed, then Apple has almost finalized everything related to Apple Pay and the launch is all set to come out with Apple iOS 8.1 update. However, there are still a few more security concerns which Apple is believed to be working on.

Ever since Apple announced Apple Pay, there have been a lot of predictions and rumors about the way it works, the features it has and a few more advancements it might have compared to the initial thing which was announced with Apple iPhone 6. Apple Pay promises to change the way people pay online as well as on the retail stores physically. With Apple Pay, the transaction can be done in a touchless manner using NFC which will be available in iPhone 6 as well as Apple Watch.

So stay tuned, and I will keep you updated with the news on Apple pay as well as the launch date.

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