Apple planning to enter music publishing business


Under the direction of Elena Segal, Apple might be planning to create a global music publishing division within Apple Music. Elena was previously the legal director for iTunes International. She would work in the U.S. and London, England, revealed Music Business Worldwide on Wednesday.

The Music Publishing team might be further divided into divisions such as  Operations, Commercial, Publisher Relations, and A&R. The A&R crew is expected to help develop songwriters, rather than directly sign new talent.

Oliver Schusser came up with this idea after assuming control of Apple Music in the month of April.

“Oliver is well aware that much of the most important artist discovery happening in the music industry today comes from the publishing side of the business,” one source explained to MBW.

“He is also aware that record labels and artists are well served by industry relations teams at streaming platforms — they are in and out of those offices every day — but that publishing hasn’t yet enjoyed that kind of direct relationship,” the person continued. “Oliver wants to underline the importance of publishing and songwriters to Apple. That’s what this move is all about.”

This plan of creating a publishing division is a clear indication that Apple is planning to begin publishing music without any help from a third party. This, of course, assumes that the artists and others are willing to join this initiative.

Apple is known to use exclusive content in order to lure people into subscribing to Apple Music. Recently, Apple released new songs and albums by artists like Drake earlier than anybody else. This might be a tactic to challenge the authority of Spotify which is still the go-to platform for Music streaming. Spotify has got over 75 million subscribers as compared to Apple’s 50 million. In addition to this, a lot more people use Spotify’s ad-based service as well.

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