Apple podcasts tops list of maximum active shows


According to some report, Apple’s Podcasts service is presently hosting more than 18.5 million episodes over 555,000 separate active shows. It tops the list by so many different Active shows.

Some reports appear to have been directly sent to the podcast stats which include other data as well. Apple’s entertained podcasts that appeared in more than 100 languages, from 155 countries.

Back in April, The podcast total is skyward from 525,000 and a total of fifty billion episodes were streamed or downloaded after Podcasts released back in 2005. It has then the service of mere 3,000 shows only.

In the previous year, some 13.7 billion episodes were occupied up from 10 billion in 2016. “The Stuff One Should Know” podcast is the commonly consumed, crossing over 500 million downloads.

Some reports have also said that Apple will be contracting up against the rules about whatever podcasts can obtain the Podcasts Analytics service it gives. It will be essentially about things like holding Cover Art on shows and adding metadata like publication date.

Recently Apple has also announced that a Podcasts app is going to be added to the Apple Watch with watchOS 5. It will be expanding the creation of Apple devices which can consume podcasts.

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