Apple pressurising FCC to keep ‘super-high’ radio spectrum free for 5G


Tech Giant Apple has been pressurising the FCC aka Federal Communication Commision to keep the “Super High” radio spectrum free for use for 5G cellular data and other possible future innovation that might be developed later.

The job of FCC is to licence the different ranges of the available radio spectrum. In layman’s term, it means that each range of the spectrum is specifically reserved for a particular purpose and operation such as phone calls or TV or normal radio communication. However, if a radio spectrum is unlicensed it can be exploited for a huge number of purpose.

That’s what exactly wants. It wants the frequency in the range of 95GHz to 3000Ghz to remain unlicensed so it can utilise its capabilities. The company gave the reason of “the goal of encouraging a range of innovative business and engineering approaches that market forces determine best utilize these frequencies” to the FCC in order to get their request approved. It also quoted it as a preventive measure suggesting it will remove “restrictive regulations, band plans, or predictions about future uses of the bands that could dictate outcomes and limit innovation.”

Apple doesn’t want to be held at bay because of the licensing. They are developing a whole lot of technology. It also claims it that a restriction on the super high-speed band could give the other rivals countries an edge in terms of development.

The 5G spectrum is very very useful for processes and features which require minimal lag and a high-speed huge bandwidth. Features like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, self-driving cars need least of lags possible and hence apple seems to be working in that direction as well.

Apple is aiming at developing a wide range of future application that relies on the 5G and high-speed spectrum. As it cannot be predicted yet Apple is looking to get the spectrum unlicensed. Apple already has a huge number of patents for the 5G technology and an FCC license which allows them to conduct the 5G test in and around their certain offices.

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