Apple puts in desperate efforts to promote Apple News


Apple has recently been doing its bit to attract high profile video content for its news based app Apple News. Like it recently happened a show by BuzzFeed was initially launched on Apple News as an agreement between publisher and apple. The advertising revenue is being shared though.

The documentary named “Future History: 1968” was first shown in Apple news as a part of the ‘First Window rights’ deal, as reports have cited. The episodes were shown a week advance in Apple news before they were uploaded on the other sites.

The agreement that was entered by both the parties was lucrative for both the sites, as Apple had included the video in its featured video gallery and also revenue from pre-roll advertising was also shared. Also given the video was a hit, given that it received a lot of views and hit, recoding 110 thousand views across various sites.

In spite of the main objective of Apple being that it looks to bring forth quality news content, yet quality documentaries bringing in views to the foray wouldn’t actually hurt Apple’s intentions.

The agreement between Apple and BuzzFeed can potentially help in bringing forth high quality media content and such would surely be beneficial for both the parties.

But Apple would try promoting Apple News in a variety of ways like It did so by publishing an excerpt from an upcoming memoir by the US Senator John McCain.

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Eric Christopher
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