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Apple, Qualcomm look to settle legal fight

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Although the case between Apple and Qualcomm doesn’t look like shutting its door anytime near in the future however the hearings in three countries might see an early close than expected.

Just to give you the magnitude of war between the multinational firm, both the firm are currently indulged in with more than 50 separate proceedings filed across 16 jurisdictions in six different countries. While Apple accuses Qualcomm of unfair terms for the use of its chips and patent licenses, Qualcomm, on the other hand, blames Apple for infringing those patents.

Bloomberg reports that the outcome of hearings in three countries – the US, Germany and China – could prove decisive.

While no single case will resolve everything, a number of decisions in the second half of 2018 may create an incentive to settle, Larson wrote in a recent research note.

Next week the International Trade Commission in Washington will begin a hearing on Qualcomm’s argument that Apple is infringing three patents. Qualcomm is asking the agency to ban imports of all iPhone 7 models that don’t have Qualcomm’s chips. The iPhone, which provides Apple with more than 60 percent of its sales, is manufactured in Asia.

Similarly, a court in Mannheim, Germany, is hearing a case by the chipmaker that argues iPhones using Intel Corp. chips infringe Qualcomm’s patents and should be excluded from access to Europe’s largest national market. The judge tentatively agreed with Qualcomm but put the case on hold while the European Patent Office decides whether the patent in question is valid.

And in China, the biggest market for smartphones, the Chinese Patent Review Board begins hearings this month and next to consider Apple’s request to invalidate patents that Qualcomm is trying to use against it. Decisions in those cases could come in the third quarter, according to Larson.

Now lets talk about those three cases.

  • A German court will be decide on a case arguing that iPhones using Intel chips infringe on Qualcomm patents . The case seems to be in favour of Qualcomm however, we are still waiting for everything to be verified.
  • China’s Patent Review Board starts hearings this month for Apple’s request to invalidate patents that Qualcomm is trying to use against the company.
  • Washington-based International Trade Commission will begin hearing Qualcomm’s argument about three infringed patents. The company is asking for a ban on all iPhone 7 imports that don’t include Qualcomm chips.

While most pundits believe that he case will be settled outside of court, but only time can tell what really the outcome is gonna be.