Apple ranks high in the eyes of millennials


Disney,  Youtube,  Amazon, Target and Apple are the 5 most loved companies by millennials.  Based on emotions, millennials are connected to these companies, with Apple reigning supreme. Millennials carry their smartphone around everywhere, waking up to their phones and going to sleep with them. With millennials caring about their image more than any generation ever before, Apple caters to just that. With a sleek, tech-savy, stylish way of functioning, it is no wonder that they gravitate towards the iPhone.

A study showed that millennials even prefer smartphones to PCs. A brand loyalty so strong has probably never been seen before, to the point where Apple fans refuse to use products by their competitors. When you spend around 7 hours a day with something, you are in most probability going to get a little attached. Millennials care about brands that help them represent who they are. A brand has to improve their own brand. Apple does that. It’s social status, not just a phone. Loving the limelight, Apple gives them just that. The oldest of the generation were even entering their prime earning years, when the first iPhone initially debuted in 2007. It is after all what they grew up with.Most of all, like I have said, time and time again, Apple excites it’s consumers. It immerses you in the way it thinks. Apple makes you love Apple just as much as Steve Jobs did. Not to take away from Apple’s amazing design and functioning, but for the generation we are speaking of , it does not hurt that it looks pretty sleek too.

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