Apple to reimburse customers who paid full price to get batteries replaced


Apple has decided to provide $50 store credit to the customers who paid for a battery replacement due to performance issues. It is a well-known fact that Apple was throttling down the performance of phones with older batteries. The #batterygate, as the issue has been named came to light recently. The users who got their battery replaced due to the performance issue were forced to shell out $79.

Apple decided to reduce the cost of battery replacement to $29 and therefore the $50 store credit is being given to the customers. The performance reducing “feature” was first introduced with the iOS 10.2.1 and affects the iPhone 6 and its successors.

This reimbursement is only valid for the customers who got their batteries replaced at an Apple Store, an Apple Repair Center or Authorized Reseller. Apart from that, the replaced battery should have been out of warranty and not covered under AppleCare.

Apple will contact the customers who are eligible for the reimbursement via emails. They will be contacted until July 27th and informed about the procedure to redeem their store credit. If a customer who believes that they are eligible for the store credit but weren’t contacted by Apple by the end of August can contact Apple themselves to chase it.

Apple introduced the performance throttling in iOS in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns. This was done by limiting peak power draw of the internal components of the iPhones if needed. This affected the performance of iPhones as it throttled the CPU and GPU.

This became an issue because Apple did this without revealing the facts to the customers. In order to apologize, Apple lowered the price of replacement batteries to $29. It also released an iOS update which shows the battery health. This update also allows the customer to disable the throttling.

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