Apple releases iOS 8.2 beta to developers


Apple two days back released iOS 8.1.2 update which fixes handful of bugs along with some performance improvements. Beside to this update, Apple has also released iOS 8.2 beta version to developers for testing.


The most significant developments in the second beta version is adding further support for WatchKit SDK, which let the developers to design their apps adaptable for the iWatch which is expected to release next year. Along with the added support for WatchKit SDK, few bugs were fixed that includes issues regarding build process and iOS simulator. it is observed that WatchKit SDK has undergone several change and for instance one important added feature is developers can now revoke the default appearance of tables on iWatch.

iOS 8.2 beta version has also brought few improvements to Siri, such as added Singapore English support and Thai system font size is also increased for better reading. This update may raise few display issues with some apps that features non-standard UI elements, so developers should be useful and use built-in iOS type tools such as Dynamic Type to overcome this issues.

A lot of other problems remain still, which includes an issue when opening messages thread could take long time than usual. To handle this Apple suggests temporary solution of rebooting the device.

For developers new update can be available as OTA update or they can be find it in the Apple’s developer portal. For the rest of users this update is expected to come in early 2015, might be before the Apple Watch launch.

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