Apple releases iOS 8.3 beta to developers


Apple released First iOS 8.3 beta version to developers even before customer release of iOS 8.2 version. The company not yet disclosed the what iOS 8.3 brings to iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. As per some sources Apple is in a plan to release iOS 8.2 in the month of March before the release of the most awaiting device Apple Watch where as this version iOS 8.2 includes WatchKit SDK and developers are using to build apps for the device Apple Watch.

First iOS 8.3 beta seeded to developers

Additionally Apple also released Xcode 6.3 beta to the developers including 1.2 Swift programming language which is a significant update to its programming language. There is no any other information regarding iOS 8.3 like what will be the features in this version and also no details about public release of this version.

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