Apple releases a new ad “Just text them the money” to promote Apple pay app


After the Consumer reports revealed in their recent survey, that Apple pay is the best in P2P payment platform, Apple has released an ad promoting the Apple pay cash app. Apple Pay is a mobile digital cash transaction service app recently launched by Apple Inc, to help their users transact money digitally.

In the ad released, it features the text only conversation between friends to split a dinner bill, with one person texting “Dinner is on me” and uses Apple pay cash app to text $55 dollars, the other friend replies back telling “no, they’ve got it” and replies by sending the same $55 right back over. Then the conversation continues with both the friends sending $55 back and forth, in a bid to split their dinner bill. The ad finally ends with a black screen that reads “Just text them the money”. The Apple Pay in message tagline appears.

This is the fifth ad in the “Just text the money” campaign. The first ad was released in mid-July. All the ads in this series are soon expected to be telecast on TV and other social media apps like Youtube, Facebook.

Apple Pay was unveiled in December to help its users transfer money securely, Since then, the app is expanding slowly to different countries outside the United States of America.

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