Apple reportedly opened new engineering hub in greater Portland


Apple has recently opened a new engineering hub in Oregon, Portland to increase the company’s presence in the Pacific Northwest tech sector.

According to some reports, Apple has previously hired nearly two-dozen workers to operate at the hub. They included the people who have before been senior research or engineering positions at chipmaker Intel. This report was collected from job postings, social media profiles and people close to the topic.

Whereas Intel plunder has made talks of Apple’s rumoured projects to launch first ARM-based MacBook as early as 2020. It’s normal for main technology companies to hire talent from each other.

The general job research was made on Apple’s website and the result came over listings for hardware engineers. The people who were proficient in design confirmation and validation of Apple’s system-on-a-chip design, like the A11 Fusion chip in the newest iPhones. Every opening have a registered the location in Portland, Oregon.

According to some reports, Apple already has existing services in the regions. Including a software development team in Vancouver, a data centre site in Prineville. And also an exceptional computation group in the southeast Portland.

Apple’s closeness to the Pacific Northwest increases to Seattle, having artificial intelligence and machine learning hub. The company also continues to hire extra office space nearby the headquarters in Cupertino, California. While searching spaces for a new campus concentrated on the technical support.

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