Apple announces Reserve & Pickup scheme for iPhone X in selected countries


The internet is abuzz with the initial reviews coming about iPhone X and the users have become more curious than ever to experience the device as soon as it is officially available. The iPhone X goes on sale this Friday and the users, who were not able to pre-order it online, will have a chance to walk-in to their nearest stores and pick their own iPhone X. Like always, huge lines outside the Apple stores are expected on the day of launch.

However, to the fans, who do not want to stand in the queues outside the apple stores, Apple has announced yet another option. Such users, in selected countries, will be able to reserve an iPhone X for themselves online and then they can walk in to the store and get their device. According to Apple, the users will have to select a window of half hour in which, they will need to collect the device. If a user misses the scheduled window, the iPhone will then be available to anyone who wants to buy it directly in the store.

There is however, a catch in the scheme. The users will be able to avail these scheme only from Saturday. Which means, if you want to become a proud holder of iPhone X on the day it launches, you will still need to get into the line and wait for your turn to own the device. The company has announced Reserve & Pickup scheme for Australia, Belgium and United Kingdom to go live from 6am on Saturday, 4th November, whereas, in countries like Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland and UAE, users will need to wait till 8am on Saturday to avail this.

According to a statement by an Apple executive, the company has not decided to launch this scheme for the United States yet. Last time, in the case of iPhone 7, Apple had launched this for United States after a day of the official launch, however, this time it seems that the US fans will need to wait a bit more to avail the reserve & pickup scheme.

Apple started pre-order of iPhone X last week and quickly, it became the talking point. The shipping time went upto 5-6 weeks. The company later claimed that the pre-booking was off-the-charts and it was unable to track the number of pre-orders. So it seems that we will have to wait for the official numbers as the stores start selling the product on November 3rd.

Let me know what are you planning in terms of iPhone X? Do you feel that the product is world class and you are going to try it out as you get a chance? Do comment your views, we love listening from our readers.

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