Apple Selling Subscriptions to Streaming Video Services Through its TV App


Apple is thinking to give subscriptions to choose streaming TV and video services through its TV app that’s available on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Some reports have said that Apple is planning to give its users subscription by making efforts to simplify and enhance the television watching experience with video services.

One can access content from numbers of apps and cable providers. Some require a premium subscription that needs to be taken straight from the provider. Many services like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Netflix, and more, they all want subscriptions, which can be bought from within a third-party app or website.

Apple is going to give the TV app subscription options as a choice to demanding customers. They can subscribe to several video services from various apps and content providers.  It will be streamlining the content which benefits customers. But it will also support the company’s fast-growing services business.

Apple will give this subscription feature in the next year. Nobody knows how Apple is going to own original programming works will factor into the subscription service.

In the current time, Apple has more than various television shows in the works. It is still unclear how Apple is creating a dedicated service for the content or if it will debut on iTunes or Apple Music. So It will be interesting to see How Apple is going to do this.

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