Apple Sold an Estimated 600,000 HomePod Speakers During First Quarter of 2018


According to new estimates shared by Strategy Analytics, Apple has sold an approximated 600,000 HomePod speakers during the first quarter of 2018.

Apple’s selling has supported to get just 6 percent of the global smart speaker market coming behind Amazon and Google. Amazon has exported approximately 4 million Echo smart speakers during the quarter, for a 43.6 percent share of the market. Whereas Google has shipped an estimated 2.4 million Google Home speakers for 26.5 percent market share. Alibaba also came with leading Apple with 700,000 purchases, while Xiaomi came behind with 200,000.

Apple has to work hard to reach up to Google and Amazon, both of who have witnessed an immense growth in shipments over the course of the previous year. Amazon’s purchases raised by two million compared to Q1 2017, while Google’s increased by 2.1 million.

Amazon’s business share has dropped year over year due to solid sales of Google speakers. And new competitors to the market like Apple, Alibaba, and Xiaomi, but Amazon maintains to be the number one smart speaker vendor in the world by far.

Google and Amazon both possess smart speaker manufacturer for a greater period of time. These two companies also provide speakers at a range of price points. Apple has concentrated massively on audio quality for customers satisfaction and better selling due to its superior sound. But the expensive price tag, a delayed feature set, and the shortage of primary comfort for music services like Spotify have likely hindered Apple’s sales.

The HomePod is yet brand-new. Also, Apple has just started the smart speaker business. Therefore corrections and innovations to future products could drastically change its position and give some exceptional competition for Amazon and Google.

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