Apple to start selling Space Grey accessories


Apple’s space grey colored Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse were launched alongside the iMac Pro and came exclusively with it. After the Apple Event on 27th of March, the accessories became available for purchase separately.

If anybody wanted the space grey variant of the accessories the only way to get them was by purchasing the top-tier Apple products. The mouse, trackpad, and keyboard came only in the white variant which is true for all the accessories related to the Apple products.

The customers need to pay a premium of about $20 for the space grey accessories as the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad will be sold for $149 compared to their usual $129 price. The Magic mice in grey will set you back $99 dollars whereas the white variant costs $79. The new grey variants will be shipped soon and will be available in stores within a week or two.

There is no sign of a space grey lightning connector though. If you always wanted to get a space grey mouse or keyboard to match the aesthetics of your space grey Macbook. Your wish came true and you can grab it directly from the store instead of being ripped-off by the resellers.

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Harry Potter

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