Apple sticking to family friendly video efforts to avoid controversy


Apple’s original content effort for its long rumored video streaming project will consist of programming without excessive violence, sex or political elements. The company stands to lose more from users being offended and not buying Apple devices as a result of what they view.

Apple is taking different approach for its slate of original programming than its competitor. The company has apparently made it clear to producers and agents that it’s shows must be high quality, but relatively family friendly.

This differs greatly from the original production catalogs of other platforms, such as HBOs ‘Game of Thrones’ or Netflixs ‘House of Cards’. The Platforms are known for having edgier content compared to normal broadcast television, which they capitalize on regularly.

Former NBC and Fox programming execute Preston Beckman suggests Apple is extremely exposed if it produced risky content, due to being a consumer product Company. While on objection to content on Netflix may lose the service a subscriber.

The need to keep content safe for all has contributed to delays in its release, agents and producers suggest with it postponed twice and anticipated for launch in March. One producer working on some Apple Projects believes the Final Launch dates could be pushed back even further into future.

Apple is said to be spending around $1 Billion on the original content push and could easily spend more to start more productions or to acquire rights for more shows.

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