Apple Store App updated to version 3.4


Apple Store is an iOS application where users can shop the Apple products, accessories and today Apple Store App get updated to latest version 3.4, even through it is a minor update but important tweak. This update¬†adds the ability to make purchases using an Apple Store Gift Card. Prior to today’s update, customers who wanted to purchase an iOS device or an accessory using an Apple Store gift card had to use the Apple website.

Previously the application had no way to enter a gift card at checkout, so the only available option was to use a credit or debit card. Following the update to version 3.4, users can tap “Buy with other payment options,” which has a new section for entering a gift card.

Apple Store App

Gift cards can be scanned with the camera on an iPhone or iPad or imported from the Passbook app, with the gift card total then applied to the order total.

What’s new in this version 3.4 :

Now users can make purchases with an Apple Store Gift Card. Use the built-in Camera to scan new Gift Cards or import existing Gift Cards from Passbook.

This updated Apple Store can be download from the App Store. Interested candidates can grab the application from App Store.

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