Apple Stores to reach 600 outlet landmark by 2023


Gene Munster’s name is synonymous to every Apple fanatic. Analysing Apple and it’s product for almost 7 years, he has attained an immense amount of credibility among the cult.

In his recent blog post, Gene hinted that the importance of Apple stores would greatly increase in the coming 5 years. Apple just recently crossed the 500 store landmark in January, opening one in the Garusugil Shopping Complex in S.Korea. It was also S. Korea’s first Apple store. Gene, blogs on behalf of his firm Loup Ventures,  predicts that the world’s largest company would reach the 600 store threshold by 2023.

Gene’s views

In his blog, titled Apple Retail’s Mission: Embodied Values, Munster talks about the competitive advantage Apple has developed over the years,  all credited to Steve Jobs and his company’s innovativeness. The stores are a huge part of this advantage they have over their competitors, as they sell more devices due to the comparatively larger amount of stores.

He takes the readers down the memory lane, talking about the transition in the number of stores from when Ron Johnson was in charge, and when the Ahrendts era began in 2014. Ahrendts left Burbury in 2014 to head Apple retail. He believes that it is the aesthetics and support of the staff that makes the stores so hospitable and lively. ” Aesthetics, greeting and checkout, advice, support and inspiration are the 5 layers that make Apple what they are” he claims in his blog

Gene Munster also predicted that the number of employees employed by Apple would increase by approximately 24 %, from 65000 workers to 80000.  He believes that China, which already houses 50 Apple stores, and India, would become the carriers to the 600 store mark.  India’s first Apple store is to open within 6 months

Gene also compared Apple’s retail stores to those of H&M, AT&T, Urban Outfitters and McDonald’s. He optimistically found the difference between Apple and some of the biggest retailers in Minneapolis.

It is not only Apple’s innovative and simple-yet-amazing technology that drives the customers to buy their devices. Apple’s glassy and exquisite looking showrooms and stores are what the customers are attracted to.

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