Apple to launch updated iPod this year : Rumor


As per some sources Apple is planning a refresh of their iPod touch later this year, citing a source familiar with Apple’s future product plans. But not clear if the new line will affect multiple versions of the iPod, however the report notes at least one model will be reintroduced at a time when Apple’s music services are getting an update under Beats. That model is the larger version with a 4-inch display. Apple is said to keep the 4-inch screen resolution, introduced to the line in 2012, the same and also offer camera and processor improvements.


The current iPod version features an A5 processor and an upgrade could bring it on-par with the 64-bit processor found within the iPhone line. The iPod touch hasn’t been updated by Apple since October 2012, as the iPhone has grown in various of ways like popularity, while offering both phone and media capabilities. Apple no longer discloses iPod sales units sales, as it’s become almost a hobby device in their lineup.

Some other sources say that it doesn’t offer much in the way of specifics. However, it is said by many sources that it would make sense for Apple to release the iPod touch this summer alongside their new music streaming service. However you have to wait until final and official announcement from the company.

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