Apple to release iPad mini and no new iPad Air in 2015

Since few weeks Apple is said to unveil its long rumored 12.9 inch pro in November, many people assumed that both iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 would see refreshes but right now according to the reports revealed by the Economic Daily News says that there is no Apple iPad Air this year.

The report says that Apple’s iPad Air 2 may not see a refresh where Apple is planning to introduce two more devices namely iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro. Liaoxian Li, investment advisor at Fubon Hardware says that Economy Daily News that Apple may want the attention on the new iPad Pro and thus will let its main assembly plant for the Main attention on iPads, Foxconn focus on the pro maximize deployment capacity.

Li believes that new iPad Air might not release in this year, if you consider Economic Daily News it has mixed track record on rumors. Additionally reports also claims that new iPad mini might be the last one as Apple wants to focus on two upcoming iPads in future. To be frank maximum number of Apple lovers was disappointed with the iPad Mini update in the year 2014.

Probably Apple won’t refresh the iPad Air 2 this year , Company has been constraining supplies of the iPad Air to third party retailers, suggesting the iPad Air 2 would become the lower cost option as an iPad Air 3 slots into Apple’s tablet lineup. However, it’s possible Apple introduces an iPad Air 3 with minimal additions, as it did with the iPad mini 3.

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