Apple tweaks Siri, App Store for FIFA World Cup 2018


The much-awaited greatest tournament of football is here, FIFA World Cup 2018. After a hiatus of 4 years, the biggest bonanza is back. Now, who doesn’t love football? I mean its the only love worth investing. Even Apple laid its weapon down and have made certain tweaks and refinements to Siri, App Store, Apple News and what not.

As the countdown to the tournament begins, football fans around the world can stay up to speed on player stats, scores and their favourite teams across all Apple devices.

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For starters, Siri will be able to give you scores, trivia, schedules, results, team rosters, and much more during the course of the World Cup. Apart from the 26 countries (including India) where it already provides support, Siri has added support for football in Brazil, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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The feature that stands out the most and is our personal favourites is the tweaks introduced in Siri. Users can enquire Siri about numerous different things and ask questions like

  • When does France play Australia?
  • What teams are in group A?
  • Who is on the England squad?
  • Who won the Argentina-Iceland match?

The Official Website also mentions how the App Store will be all “Football-Football” the whole month

Throughout the month, the App Store editors will highlight their favorite apps and games from football stars, offer tips on taking a perfect football photo and how to best get your football fix on social media. The App Store will also feature key football-related apps and games to help fans dive deeper into the experience, with broadcaster apps like FOX NOW or BBC Sport, and games like FIFA Mobile and PES 2018.

If you think Apple stopped here? NO, THEY DID NOT!

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Apple went on to introduce the World Cup taste onto Apple Music. The application will feature playlists for each of the 32 participating nations with artists in each country chosen by local teams. Apple Podcasts will feature an editorial collection titled “The Beautiful Game,” where users can check out shows like Jetty’s “Game of our Lives”, Gimlet’s “We Came to Win”, or an established sports podcasts like “Men in Blazers.”

Wait, before you go start checking out stuff on your device there’s more to it.  Apple has also introduced a new football theme in the Clips app. It comes with animated stickers, labels and posters with customisable text to make your social posting more fun during the World Cup. Apple Podcasts and iBooks will feature curated collections, both of them called “The Beautiful Game.

Just great isn’t it? Now you can go check these changes out and support your favourite team as much as you can.

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