Apple updates Apple Music for Android with Music Videos Improvements


Apple music for Android is getting a small but significant update today, adding a handful of new features for Music Video Playback. Today’s update brings the app to version 2.4.0

While support for Music videos has been available on Android since 2016,Apple is now getting around to adding various new features that bring the android app more in line with iOS Alongside support for Music, videos the update includes stability improvement that will make “music playback more reliable on more devices.”

This update also brings new experiences for Music videos:

  • Watch them in full screen or inside now playing.
  • Continuing watching music videos while browsing the apps.
  • Add your favourite music videos to playlist to watch them back to back.
  • Listen to music videos in the background while using other apps.

The update brings Apple music up to speed with other entertainment apps like Google’s own youTube, which have long allowed users to listen to audio from video content in the background.

Finally, Apple includes a number of unnamed bug fixes and performance improvements design to improve stability and compatibility with more devices.

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