Apple updates GiveBack program, offers instant credit for new devices


Apple’s GiveBack program, which is basically an environment-friendly program started by Apple Inc, to reduce the global accumulation of e-waste. In this program, any old Apple device user can get his old device exchanged for a credit score, which can be used to further buy any new Apple product. Apple Inc. will later recycle the old Apple device given by the user using their recycling robots like Daisy, Liam which offer an efficient way to reclaim valuable while recycling the devices. Apple Inc. provides their recycling service even to those devices not eligible to be exchanged for credit scores.

Now Apple has updated its GiveBack program, where customers can now offset the cost of purchasing a new device, by trading off their old devices when purchasing online. Prior to this announcement, the only way to receive credit scores was to physically go to the Apple store and wait for your Apple credit score/gift card until the old device was shipped off successfully. But now customers can use the online form where one needs to only answer a couple of questions and a serial number is required to complete your trade-in estimate.

Now ahead of the iPhone event next month, Apple has updated its website with a new GiveBack interface to help upgrade devices in a simple way. Customers can now see a prompt and a link asking if they have a device to trade in. We can also see links for Apple GiveBack while you are selecting the specific model of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. This new interface uses a new large, bold font in a pop-up window, where the user can quickly get a value for his potential trade-in using the respective serial number.

The latest phone accepted in the Apple’s GiveBack program is the iPhone 7, 7 plus. However, Apple Inc. will soon offer value for the iPhone 8, 8 plus, and X also.

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