Apple ventures strongly into Latin America with construction of a flagship store


Apple now moves forward to open its first flagship store in Latin America in Mexico City mall and the store is sure to have a grand opening in 2019.

Apple has now secured itself a permission to create a single story standalone outlet at Antara Fashion Hall in Ciudad de Mexico upscale Polanco district and it would be quite a begging for Apple in the city given it would be quite a large store.

Previously Apple had plans to take over a multi-level store which was vacated by Crate & Barrel last year but the store was however demolished so owing to that Apple has decided to build itself a separate single-story building on the mall property.

Also, a lot is expected to be designed along with the store, given Apple officials have a plan to include a boardroom for enterprise clients, cited reports.

Also the plan of construction is currently underway given that the contractors have extended barriers from the main building to the sidewalk nearly so as to provide space of construction which is done to accommodate the extra space for building of the huge immense outdoor plaza.

Apple however in its initiative of opening its first flagship store in Latin America has a lot of things in mind behind the design and is surely too look forward to fostering a community feeling given that it has a feature of “town square” design and certainly has places for passerby and customers.

Also the plaza design is in accordance to Apple’s proposed Australian flagships which is inclusive of landscaping to as to enhance the greenery alongside creating space for visitors to meet and relax.

Also Apple’s first retail store at Mexico’s Centro Santa Fe Mall outperforms and such gives out promising signs that a flagship store designed on such ambitious lines by Apple would perform greatly.

It would be a matter of time now before the operations start kicking and Apple enjoys a strong flair in the Latin America.

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