Apple Versus VirnetX patent infringement case payment balloons to $595.9 M


Apple will be paying viretX more than the $502.6 Million ordered by a federal judge in late August with an agreement between the two companies over costs incurred by VirnetX in the patent infringement lawsuit bringing the final total upto $595.9 million.

A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission on Monday advises VirnetX and Apple “conferred and agree with dispute” amount for the bill of costs and prejudgement interest stemming from the most recently resolved lawsuit. According to filing, the parties made the agreement on Sept 20, determining the amount of costs and interests due totaled approximately $93.3 million. The notice does not advise how much of the additional fees related to costs or the prejudgement interest.

In April, Apple was found to have imfringed on four VirnetX patent for secure communications, including its VPN on Demand Technology and consumer FaceTime and iMessage Software and Services. The jury awarded $502.6 Million, adding to an earlier win in another similar case that brought the amount owned by Apple to the company to nearly $1 Billion.

In August, Apple was denied a motion for a new trial in a long running patent fight, leaving Apple the option to appeal the Verdict.

The legal affair was first started in 2010 by VirnetX claiming there to be instances of patent infringement in Apple’s products, which led to the other similar lawsuits.

VirnetX was awarded $302.4 Millon, enhanced to $439 million after Apple was found by the court to have willfully infringed the patents.

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