Apple VR headset : Latest rumor roundup


Apple introduced Augmented Reality with iOS 11 and was not giving much focus to the VR. It doesn’t actually mean that Apple has shunned the concept of Virtual Reality. Apple has a lot of secret projects in development at any given time so the rumours of a VR headset might be true.

CNET’s Shar Tibken has already stated “Apple’s headset would connect to a dedicated box using a high-speed, short-range wireless technology, according to a person familiar with the company’s plans. The box, which would be powered by a custom Apple processor more powerful than anything currently available, would act as the brain for the AR/VR headset. In its current state, the box resembles a PC tower, but it won’t be an actual Mac computer.”

In the article, a headset capable of AR as well as VR support is mentioned. It seems to have an 8K display for each eye and is supposed to work wirelessly. If Apple decides that this device will be a hit even then it won’t hit the market until the 2020s. The main reason is that a wireless technology that supports this 8K display won’t be available soon.

Apple will need to look at the following aspects to make it great.

The first thing would be great display quality. The Apple products are known to have a great display. Colour reproduction is one of the most important features when it comes to VR and AR experiences. Apple might make one of the best VR headsets if the project is a success.

It will have a custom-made chip. Apple already makes great processors for iPhones and iPads. A headset with Apple’s custom chip would make the AR and VR experience great. This might be true as Apple is looking to create its own processors soon and the headset might be one of the first devices to come with the new custom Apple processor.

It would be a ground-breaking achievement if Apple headset is able to combine the AR and VR features in a single device.

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