Apple vs Spotify – who will come out on top?


In 2008, when Spotify launched in Stockholm, Sweden no one would have guessed that in 2018 it would have 30 million songs and 140 million monthly active users. No one including Apple. On February 28th, 2018 Spotify filed for direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Apple is busy banging their head against a wall wishing they had nipped the problem in the bud in 2008. In Apple’s defense no one saw Spotify becoming-well-Spotify. When iTunes was the dominant player in the music industry in 2008, it did what every successful company does and underestimated the new kid on the block. At the time, Apple was not even in the streaming game, it’s specialty was downloads. When Apple, Google and Amazon years later decided their own streaming services, critics said it would kill Spotify. Spotify now has a user base that is almost double of Apple Music.

Spotify has a free first month basis, which is honestly more inviting than Apple’s  ‘$9.99 for the first month’ welcoming mat. On the other hand, Apple doesn’t make you wait for music because they have exclusives which Spotify refuses to partake in as a practice.

On most other grounds though- Spotify Wins.

It is a group of individuals dedicated to make playing music on your phone into listening to music like it’s live. Apple is busy dealing with it’s million and one different ventures and even though Apple Music is outstanding, Spotify caters to every need. Spotify has a user-specific discover playlist, daily way for users to discover new music. Spotify does a better job at delivering tracks you will love. Also, with Spotify not limiting itself to just Apple users, opens their market vastly and snatches the android consumer market.

Spotify serves as a reminder that a start up can be very underestimated, even by the biggest companies in the world that are supposed to not miss a thing.

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Fathima Banu

Fathima has had her share of experience with various media ventures before getting with The iBulletin. She has been an active contributor to a number of magazines and at The iBulletin, she writes editorials related to Apple, the brand and its business.


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