Apple wants to expand in the digital news platform


Apple put its foot in the magazine and news niche by buying Texture, a digital magazine service, this March. It is now looking to expand by recruiting newspaper big names to subscribe to its news service.

Apple’s media unit led by Eddy Cue has been in talks with publishers like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post about joining the app. When talking about media, Apple has invested  $1 billion into TV shows . Apple is already a big player in the media market with Apple Music.

Texture is the biggest name in the field of online media. It allows the user to read plenty of stories and articles, with only a  $10 subscription. What keeps news companies like The New York Times from collaborating with Apple is that they have their own subscription businesses as independent apps. The Washington Post offers a digital subscription to all news and events for $10 a month, whereas NY Times sells it for $15. People even pay a considerably high amount of $37 monthly, to have digital access to The Wall Street Journal.

Is collaborating with Apple a wise decision

Apple has many perks while recruiting other businesses to work with them. They are Apple, you see.  The trillion-dollar company has a very huge user base, with more than 1.3 billion daily active users. On the other hand, digital news platform of the Times had only 3 million digital subscribers during the swearing of Trump as President. So, the difference is monumental, and working with the Cupertino based tech giant would be a win-win situation for both.

Moreover, Apple has its way of persuading people to buy something they can probably get for free. The best example would be Apple Music, where people pay to download and listen to music. They entice customers by offering free trials. The app’s performance does the rest.

So, in all, Apple might become the biggest player in the media world very soon.

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