Apple Warns Mac users about the 32 bit apps


If you have been using 32-bit apps on your Mac then you need to get the 64-bit versions of those apps soon.

This week, Apple has warned all the Mac users that the 32-bit app support in MacOS is going to end soon. Mac users running macOS 10.13.4 will get an alert tomorrow that will be triggered on opening a 32-bit app. The alert will tell that the app is “not optimized” for the system. The app will continue to work though.

Apple has been asking the developers to update their apps to 64-bit architecture. This enables faster apps that can juggle large amounts of data more efficiently. The 32-bit processors common in older computers and mobile devices but now all new

If you try to open 32-bits app. You will get this message.

devices have 64-bit processors. The 32-bit apps don’t utilize these to their full extent.

It hasn’t been revealed by Apple when they will stop supporting the 32-bit apps on the MacOS. The company has previously revealed that the MacOS High Sierra would be the last version to support 32-bit apps. The next version of MacOS might support 32-bit apps but they won’t be working as intended. It has been nearly ten years since Apple has started to shift towards the 64-bit versions. The company has stopped accepting the 32-bit apps on the App Store.

Apple had released their iPhone 5s back in 2013 with a 64-bit chip. Over the next four years, Apple pushed mobile app makers to move to 64-bit. Last year with the release of iOS 11, Apple moved to the 64-bit apps on the mobile platform. The users who were using the 32-bit apps got a message “This app needs to be updated by the developer to work on this version of iOS.” This is soon to follow on the Macs as well. Unlike, the mobile platform where the app didn’t work the Macs will continue to run the apps.

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