Apple Watch 4 : Features to look forward to


Among the wide gamut of smartwatches that have surfaced the market over the past 5 years, Apple Watch has topped them all. Now, this year is all set to welcome the 4th generation of the device.

After getting upgrades like GPS, full swim water resistance and cell connectivity getting in its the previous version, all fans are anxiously waiting for the next version. Apple Watch is rumored to be released in September this year.

Google and Samsung’s smartwatches, which were released this month, have been critically appraised by consumers. However, if the rumors are true about the new Apple Watch, then we are set for a heated battle in this domain.

Expected features

As per Apple’s WWDC conference, the new watch will house the WatchOS 5, which will bring a watch to watch walkie-talkie mode . Further features include a bigger display, which will see a 15% increase and will be OLED based. It is expected to sport a more edge-to-edge design, so as to increase the usable space. Even though the display size would have a significant increase, it would have a better battery life, all thanks to the more efficient WatchOS 5.

Users will also see a watch with redesigned and more physically sound buttons. They are expected to have haptic-enabled buttons like the home buttons on iPhone 7 and 8. It is more than likely that this new version of the Apple Watch will have an omnipresent Siri feature. This would then make the watch more competitive with it’s Google counterpart.As per reports by Bloomberg, Apple would be making its own MicroLED displays in its new products. This will make the watches a lot more slimmer and luminous. This might just push these watches to a day full of usage without charge.

Apple’s acquisition of sleep tracking company Beddit means that the new Apple Watch is more than likely to embody that feature. The new model might also have improved health rate sensors and blood glucose monitoring feature. Wireless charging is a feature that would make this watch stand out even more.

All in all, this is  another Apple device to get excited for.

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