Apple Watch landing page updated with more features


Still suspense is going on the release date of Apple Watch and the company is looks likes as if they are giving the final touches to the device. Today company updated the landing page with more details like features of the device. Under Learn about Apple Watch section there are now links to pages detailing the various different features and technology at work in Apple’s highly anticipated wearable.

These updates brings the additional features which break downs the previous general features list into three separate categorizes which includes Time keeping, new ways to connect and Health & fitness.Each section has expanded descriptions of various watch faces and apps will ship the devices and also interactive animations for the watch’s Health and fitness features. Time keeping page lists some utilities referred to as complications which details with display of the Watch faces such as alarms, Moon phases, Calenders and weather information. The new section gives a good down on what you can expect out of Apple’s latest offering, but the page is short on any earth shattering new information.

It is an interesting primer for what you can expect out of the Apple watch and the interactive animations in the Health and fitness are pretty cool.

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