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Apple Watch saves yet another life; Gaston D’Aquino shares experience

Gaston D’Aquino says that Apple Watch saved his life and wants to share his story. He hopes that it might help others as well.

South China Morning Post reports that 76-year old Gaston was sitting in a Church when his Watch gave an alert. It notified him that his heart rate had elevated. He had read a similar news before and therefore headed to the local hospital.

“I told the doctor I don’t know why I’m here, but my watch tells me I have an elevated heart rate,” said D’Aquino. “He says, ‘Are you feeling anything?’ I said no, I feel fine, I’m feeling all right, nothing’s wrong.”

The doctors performed checkup using electrocardiograph and the results showed that something was wrong. On performing further tests the doctors discovered the two out of his three arteries were completely blocked. The third one was nearly 90% blocked which meant he could suffer from a fatal heart attack anytime.

He had already visited a cardiologist who prescribed him some medicines but he never thought that he had such a high risk. After the diagnosis, he was suggested to undergo angioplasty, which restores blood flow to the heart by implanting tiny stents in clogged or blocked arteries.

“Having a new lease of life is a good thing,” he said. “You wake up the next morning and you look around you, everything looks more beautiful. It’s a great feeling; you’re on a high for a few days. That feeling is something special.” He was released from the hospital on the following day.

“Please continue promoting the use of the Apple Watch for anyone with cardiac problems. I lost a cousin two weeks ago to a massive heart attack, and if he had an Apple Watch, he might have had the same opportunity I got – to live,” he added.

This isn’t the first time Apple Watch has saved a life. Recently, 18-year old Deanna Recktenwald was also saved by her Apple Watch.

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