Apple Watch Series 3 likely buoyed Verizon subscriber numbers in Q1


Since Apple has eliminated the idea of Sim cards that contain the contact information of a person in order to bring into focus the very idea of eSim software solution which would make switching to other carriers easier, telecommunication companies have faced huge loss.

Though the largest American telecommunications company has lost 24,000 phone and 75,000 tablet customers yet it has not lost the hope of coping up with the flourishing industries. Even though this happened to be a huge loss yet the decline was considerable. Kevin Roe, analyst at Roe Enquiry Research LLC quoted, ” Verizon delivered results slightly above muted expectations, and we think that is good enough for the market.”

The optimism of competition with the maturing industries thrives on the fact that Verizon has added almost 359,000 subscribers the last quarter proving that the smartwatches can be remunerative towards a good revenue growth.

They specifically praise the Apple Watch Series 3 for the upsurge. The series is a definitely a work of excellence created with utmost patience. It is endowed with its own network connection. While it is a good news for all the Apple customers all over the world, it has also made the wireless providers and carriers happy with its latest technology. Despite all the fall, the company is maintaining a positive demeanour and expecting a lucrative growth in the service revenue by the end of the year.

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