Apple files new wireless charging patent; to introduce priority charging for devices

Apple is working on a new patent, that can prioritise wireless charging depending on the product that one wants to charge quickly than others.


Apple has gained a new patent to prioritise charging on different Apple products. This patent might be used on the upcoming Apple wireless charging pad, which can charge more than 1 product at a time.

According to the report by VentureBeat, the company has applied for the two applications, but none of them has been approved by the board. The patent describes that using a single wireless charging pad, multiple devices can be charged at a time. However, there are already wireless charges in the market which can charge multiple devices at a time, however, there is no smart wireless charger, that can prioritise charging for the specific model.

For an instant, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, and Apple iPhone X supports wireless charging and the Apple Watch and a new Apple AirPods also support wireless charging capability, considering the fact that the upcoming Apple iPads are also able to charge wirelessly, the wireless charging pad will prioritise the charging to Apple iPhone and the Apple Watch, as these are things that we usually use on hourly basis. So, the user can also select the device that one expected to charge first over the other smart devices.

Apple might also partner with a new company named Energous, which recently announced contactless wireless charging capability. In fact, the technology was recently approved by FCC as well. Rumours also claim that Apple is working with Energous from 2014, so we might see this technology on the upcoming Apple iPhones of 2018.

This new technology will change the way that we charge our devices (at least Apple devices). There isn’t exact information on the implementation of this feature in any manner. So, what do you think about this new technology? Share your views in the comment box regarding this priority charging technology.

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