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Apple working to release new iPhones with better charging solutions

Apple is not a particularly emotional brand. If it wants to move forward, it will leave behind whatever it has to. If consumers wanted to change the logo, Apple would whip out a fresh design instantly. The lightning bolt to many, is associated with Apple. It reminds you of the company instantly. Well, it may not be associated with Apple for much longer. A flashback to when Apple brutally removed the headphone jack, leaving plenty of Apple users in dismay is a perfect reason why Apple would happily do it again.

Rumor has it, that Apple is going to be introducing a water-proof alternative to the lightning connector wherein the connector automatically expands when it is plugged into your phone thereby causing a seal to be formed. On March 8th the US Patent & Trademark Office released a patent application from Apple regarding the charging cable. With an increasing level of carelessness the older our iPhones get, we begin to put them through more rough environments.  The new charging cable will keep itself from being affected by various debris, water,etc. which obviously does present itself as a good thing, but what most consumers aren’t looking at is the fact that this would lead to the lack of a USB-C port. Also, this would lead to it being harder to unplug your phone as you would be trying to break pass the vacuum seal.

With Apple’s iPhones being able to whit stand puddles and pools, Apple feels like it should get it’s lightning cable a revamp and get it to the level that it’s phones are. Since Apple has been working on the prototype for more than a year now, the lightning cable maybe staying for a while. With 2018 designs being finalised with lightning cables on all of them, we are  going to have to wait a while for the patent to become a reality.

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