Apple’s 6th gen iPod to release in Spring 2015, iWatch in Fall 2015



Most awaited Apple’s 6th gen iPod is expected to be released in September, but Apple didn’t look comfortable with September launch. Now, after two months from which it is expected to launch and among several rumors it is reported that Apple’s next generation iPod touch may be released in Spring 2015 along with iOS 8.2 firmware update.

It seems that Apple is having issues with the final production stages of the device and so the company is planning to launch in Spring 2015 and few months after iPod’s release it is going to launch Apple iWatch too. Apple hasn’t revealed much iPod Touch 6 and haven’t explained reasons for delay, but rumors allegedly coming from the company sources claim that they decided to wait for some time and see how there new iPhone model perform before launching new iPod model.

This make sense, that iPod Touch 6 is similar to iPhone 6 minus phone features and if the new iPhone design in the market turn out be successful than original device, then Apple could decide to redesign iPod Touch. It is expected that iPod Touch 6G may feature NFC based mobile payment system and Apple Pay and this could also be one of the possible reason for delay.

Some cynics are asserting that implementing payment system in this device wouldn’t make too much sense, because NFC payments are tied to mobile phones not to other mobile gadgets, so it might be unusual to see the platform in iPod Touch 6.

The new iPod Touch is expected to run on iOS 8.2 and will have increased storage space. According to the rumors the price of the device is expected to be at $349 and it is compatible with new Apple iWatch.

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