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Apple AirPower could be charging more than just phones

According to some rumors, Apple AirPower is to be launched later this month. Apple describes Air power as “The elegant, ultra-thin new AirPower mat, that lets you charge multiple devices wirelessly, without requiring them to be fixed in one spot. Just lay up to three compatible devices — like the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods — anywhere on its surface to charge them simultaneously.” The patent office in US published a patent released to the AirPower apple on the 1st March.

2 APPLE AirPower figs 1 and 8

The first image (Fig 1) describes a transmission device which is transmitting power to several devices that too without any wires. The second image (Fig 8) The flowchart shows the method of operation of the wireless device that includes or is connected to multiple shared power convertors.

The patent mentions “The first and second receiver devices 100 and 102 may each be configured as any suitable receiver device. For example, a receiver device may be a cellular or smart phone, a gaming device, a remote control, a tablet or laptop computing device, a digital media player, a wearable electronic device (e.g., a watch), a kitchen or household appliance, a motor vehicle, and so on.”

The first version of the device will be probably work with Cellphones and smartwatches but in the future the device might charge your car as well. How about that?

Apple also claims,”The transmitter device #106 (AirPower) can be implemented as any suitable transmitter device. Example transmitter devices include, but are not limited to, a wireless charging pad, a wireless charging station, clothing or a fashion accessory that is configured to wirelessly charge a receiver device, a wireless charging dock, and a wireless charging cover or door that can be removably attached to the housing of the receiver device (e.g., a wireless charging cover that replaces a battery door).”

There is a lot of scope for the Airpower in the future as we turn to eco-friendly vehicles and gadgets. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if we see Apple trying to step in the Energy Sector in the future with these kind of devices as the likes of Tesla has done. This will become a reality sooner or later but for now we could get elated by charging our iDevices just by keeping them on the mat.