Apple’s head designer John Ive talks exclusively on Apple Watch, other products


Well, the Apple watch was one of the products that were the first to be made after Steve jobs had ended his rein in the company, given that the design chief of Apple was recently quoted in saying that he had never talked about or discussed the Apple Watch with jobs.

John Ive , Apple’s chief Design officer spoke with Hodinkee, a wristwatch magazine and gave away certain unknown facts about the apple watch.

He talked about the Apple Watch being one of its kind but however, he said that during Job’s time it was not brought up as chances were less it would have been considered.

The words about the Apple watch was brought up in 2012, a few months after Jobs had passed away and it was quite a crucial time for the company. And Ive also says that Apple has always been a company that has made difficult to comprehend and inaccessible technology easy to understand and maybe that is the reason that it has such a huge buyer base over the world.

The way the watch was born!

Ive has also described how the watch was actually brought into reality and that its initial release in 2015. He describes the process to be both typical and atypical.

He talks about the group of designers in apple being quite enthusiastic about the idea of the Apple watch given that they started talking about the idea and it was quickly brought into a conversation and in a quick succession it was given a shape with pen and paper which had quickly driven out the fragile nature that an idea has.

About seven Apple enlisted watch experts were assigned to develop the watch and the device was finally unveiled in September 2014 and released in April 2015.

Also the greatest news is that the Apple wearable division in itself is a fortune 300 company and that does do a lot of talking about the success of it.

Much to it, the Apple watch has been accepted by the customers of Apple and however a certain developments to the Apple watch are always welcome.

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