Apple’s India market share plunges in Q1, Samsung gains in premium segment


As per some reports, Samsung has dominated the smartphone segment in India while Apple has plunged.

Due to the decline in shipments of iPhone X and iPhone 8 series, Apple’s India Market Share in the premium segment has a massive dip as the volumes dipped by 55 percent. Counterpoint research added that due to the increase in import duty on (completely built units) to 20 percent during the quarter it led to increases in prices of already expensive iPhones.

Also, some reports have suggested that Samsung, OnePlus and Apple have contributed to 95 percent of the overall share in the segment. And the three-times increase in import tariff during last five months is visible on the sale of iPhones. While Apple was in discussion with the government to counter some issues created during manufacturing norms before local production.

Apple was on the top list in 2017 with its launch of Apple X and 8 plus but the shipments were declined by the company. And it also reflected in the market share by 74 percent.

Various schemes like Cashback, exchange, upgrade and bundled data schemes have helped Samsung to dominate other companies. Samsung has taken the half of the premium segment this year. Galaxy 9 plus has really taken it to heights in the market dominating the company like Apple.

One plus is also growing rapidly and has captured 25 percent of the share. It has been holding the second spot since July of the previous year.

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